Can we Take a Baby Stroller on an Aircraft

The latest development with regard to travelling with a baby stroller or a baby jogging stroller is to be able to carry the stroller in a comfortable and easy to use transit bag.



A bag that can be shoulder carried and yet allows you to safely and quickley undo the bag – through the simple to use zipp system and reassemble it to allow us to move the baby safely and quickly.

It should be noted that the Stroller Bag Transport Solution was developed with the babies parents in mind. We know how stressful travelling with a baby can be so this eliminates the need to worry about the baby stroller, and how you are going to carry both the child and a stroller, normally an uncomfortable experience, and often requiring two pairs of hands.



The bag will fit most baby strollers as it comes in a bag measuring  55 inches x 19 inches, and it is made from PREMIUM QUALITY rip and tear proof STRENGTHENED POLYESTER – ultimately the strengthened ‘Denim’ coloured material will keep your stroller safe in transit ?

Stowable Baby Stroller Bag-

This bag folds into a neat little net bag when not in use  and it is easy to spot on the run when you need it to be – the clours making them easy to identify. Yes the distinctive denim look means you will locate it very easily be out of the airport quicker ?

Baby Stroller cover and carrier and a baby mat

Our Buggy Bag has been designed to open out completely and can act as a picnic mat or car boot liner when you are out and about and it is not required to carry the baby stroller.



Premium Umbrella Stroller Bag for Airplane Gate Check In – Travel Cover Denim (Baby Product)

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