Baby Jogger Glider Board

What is a Glider Board – Well its a simple method of providing access to a mini skate board attached to the base of a baby stroller or baby jogging stroller, which is under the control and management of the parent pushing the baby stroller.

The Glider Board can be used on any number of Baby Jogger strollers: These include the City Mini, City Mini GT, City Select, City Versa, City Elite, and FIT Jogger all of hich we have available at the site or at amazon.  Remembering that the Telescoping brackets are length adjustable Glider board stows against stroller frame when not in use


Baby Jogger Glider Board, Black (Baby Product)

List Price: $69.95 USD
New From: $74.15 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock


What better way to have those children whu are not in their strollers, not only have a rest from walking when required , but to be honest we can better control them and do not have to spend time waiting for them to catch up.

Plus they will have a better time and may bond with their siblings .

Grab the Glider Board and take time out from waiting and walking slow.

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